Import & Export Consulting

What Millenials Think About Import and Export Consulting
Import & Export Consulting

The following is the list of our services with regards to Import:

  • Purchase Contract

  • L/C (Letter of Credit) Preparation

  • Import Clearance

  • High Seas Sale

  • Genuine Supplier Finding. Risk management in Import, Custom Clearance, Assessable Value, Custom Duty Calculation, Cargo Inspection.

    The following is the list of our services with regards to Export:

    Sales Contract: The scope includes:

    1. Deciding payment terms

    2. Deciding shipping terms

    3. HS ITC code searching

    4. Packing and packaging

    5. Other terms and conditions

    ECGC. The scope includes:

    1. Applying risk to be covered with ECGC

    2. Deciding which risk to cover economically

    3. Deciding which policy to take

    Shipping Logistics, Inspection & Insurance. The scope includes:

    1. Cargo inspection

    2. Arranging shipment with shipping company

    3. Booking space in container

    4. Custom clearance, Port management and shipping on vessel

    Export Documentation:

    The scope includes making documents as per payment terms below:

    1. Advance Documents

    2. Collection Documents

    3. L/C (Letter of Credit)

    Government benefits - How to claim government benefits given for exports.

    Other topics include:

    1. Product and Market selection

    2. Identifying genuine buyers and suppliers

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